About Me

My name is Karina Lopez and a I’m 20-something currently living in the great state of Florida! I love the beach, coffee, music, art, museums, driving down long country roads…well you get the picture.

I recently graduated from The Baptist College of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Worship Ministry: Music and Media Technology. I started college Fall 2005 and knew I wanted to go into the nursing field. I had it all planned out.

Needless to say,  I am not a nurse.

Looking back, I can remember always being involved in church when it came to behind the scenes. You know (hit play for cd’s); make sure the volume is up. It was great being able to serve my church, even if it was something as simple as hitting play. God used my church to humble me and teach me that church doesn’t have to have fancy things and that I was helping lead worship by being willing to ‘push play’.

One year I was asked to help out a local church in our community during their Christmas cantata. I was given the wonderful job of: ‘space bar pusher’. From that point on it was my new favorite thing to do. I know what your thinking…”your favorite thing? Really?” At the time, I had never worked with worship presentation software, so this was a big deal! This church used MediaShout and I was given a less-than-2 minute lesson on what to do. It was awesome! After that, I got more and more curious and involved with the tech world of church and loved it! What followed were unforgettable years of experimenting with media presentation in worship and learning what the different roles were in creative ministry.

I can’t express to you the joyful and stressful times I’ve had. I was the media/music intern at this great church, Eastside Baptist Church. I am so thankful for their prayers, support, and love!

I worked at a local multi-site church in my area for 2 years as the Web Communications and Media Associate and that was amazing. I learned so much! I truly enjoy serving the church through creative and communications ministry. I’m constantly learning new things and only hope I can help other churches see and learn what God has been teaching this young heart.

I am all about worshiping God through the visual. He gave two eyes for a purpose. So being a visual worship leader is something that I take very seriously. God has given us the ability and responsibility of being the caretakers or an even better word…curators of leading others in visual worship. The projectors, computers, motion graphics, loops, lights, sound, mixing, camera operators, set and tear down, etc. all of those things are a part of leading worship. Now don’t get me wrong, those things are great to have but we need to realize that worship isn’t about any of those ‘gadgets’ or ‘cool effects’. Get into the book of Amos and you’ll see how again Israel failed to learn that God didn’t want ‘shows’. Visual silence or ‘stillness’ is crucial.

The Psalmist tells us after he himself learned that all God wanted was
true brokenness.

The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, O God-Psalm 51:17

We work alongside the worship leader and pastor to point others to Christ. The pastor teaches others the Word of God, the worship leader leads in songs of the Word of God, and we visually show the Word of God. Together, God will use us to lead others and will draw us to Himself.

So I’m still growing and learning. Creative Contemplation is the name I thought of because I’m in the season of my life where I am constantly in deep contemplating reflection about the role of media and communications ministry in the church. From books to blogs, I’ve been reading to and listening to others advice. I pray to hopefully be able to this full-time one day, whether thats at one church or being able to help multiple churches all over the country and world.

Hopefully, I can share the things God is and will continue to show me.

Feel free to comment or send a message on twitter or facebook.

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